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Fire Doors Are Important

Fire doors are a single of the key safety features for large structures. They're a requirement in public areas as well as multi-occupancy homes. In most cases, a fire doors Kent works as other kind of door. Doors that are fireproof, however, are an advanced 'passive protection system' in emergency situations. Unlike 'active security systems for fire', such as extinguishers and sprinkler systems that use the building structure and planning to combat fires that could be threatening. This month, we'll discuss exactly how fire doors help to combat fire.

Fire Doors Are Self-Closing

One of the main features of a fire doors is the self-closing mechanism, it does exactly what the name implies. Each time a fire door opens, it shuts completely automatically, ensuring that the primary defense against a fire is always in place. If this is not the case the fire door may have a hard time performing its function simply by being left in the open.

Fire Doors Are Sealed

When the fire door is shut securely at all times, the next clever feature of a fire doors Kent will do the task. Some fire doors are equipped with seals that expand at high temperatures, while others include gaskets that perform the same purpose. The seals stop the entry of toxic gases and smoke into other areas of the structure that a fire has yet to reach. Smoke can lead to drowsiness or disorientation, and is therefore a greater threat than the flames that ignite the fire.

Fires in homes usually occur in the evening while occupants sleep. One of the best ways to assist the victims to escape from an ensuing fire is to keep the area hydrated and keeping out smoke. The sealing of fire doors in big buildings can buy time for those who need to leave safely.

The Fire Doors are strong

Timber and steel are the two main materials used for fire doors. The traditional look of timber makes it a great alternative as a fire door. They also function in the normal way that allows people and items to pass through the building easily. Although they appear and function as normal, timber doors for fire are tested to ensure a safety rating of 30-60 minutes of fire safety. It's lighter and comfortable to use than steel, however a timber fire door is nevertheless a reliable inner barrier against flames.

Fire doors made of steel are stronger than those made of timber, and they have a fire rating up to four hours. Steel is the most suitable material for exterior doors since they prevent fire from spreading to adjacent structures. Additional features like 'panic bars' may be added to steel doors that are external and the devices provide one source of entry to open the door and allow easy removal of those inside the structure.

Both types of fire door delay flames by reducing its supply of oxygen and physically blocking the pathway with durable material. Firefighters will have more time to fight on fires and people will be more secure. Fire doors are designed to give as much time to battle and escape as is possible.

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